For the Parents


Arriving at School

Students are expected to arrive at school at 8:30AM, doors are open at 8:20AM to receive students! We anxiously wait to see your children and have an amazing day of learning every single day!

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Tops - Navy Blue or White


-Blouses (Girls)

Bottoms - Khaki


-Knee high shorts

-Knee high skirts (Girls) 

Shoes - Closed toe shoes only

-Comfortable sneakers recommended!


-School shirts & jeans!


Absences & Tardies

Our absence & tardies policy goes as followed, all of our students are allowed 9 tardies an 12 absences.

It is our desire that every student that attends CCS gets the full advantage and experience of a learning day with 

teachers and plenty of time to interact and make lifelong lasting friendships with their classmates. With that being

said, our policy is to be handled with discretion for particular instances, and to be fairly carried out according to

students situations.